We are a group of happy people who work with passion!

Our goal is to bring beautiful things to you!

We are a group of happy people who work with passion

KOOKEA technology Limited was founded in Hong Kong in 2016,  at the same time its REMOUR brand was born in Hong Kong. The collection of leisure, fashion and vitality of this city brought us unlimited imagination and creativity.
REMOUR is a fashion accessories brand whose motto is  "Style has nothing to do with price, however, style can be achieved with good price".   Our company always cooperates with reputable glasses manufacturers, and is committed to creating high-quality products with the minimum cost, and realizing the globalization of online retail.   It represents a unique, beautiful and people-friendly product, and makes the popularity and fashion become the freedom and rights of more people.   REMOUR is also a brand that is willing to show its individuality, constantly seeking to innovate and inspire each and every customer to express their own style, with the expectation that different combinations will bring unique creative inspiration and style charm to everyone.
Since the launch of REMOUR sunglasses, REMOUR has gained a reputation for being innovative and cost-effective.    REMOUR is a global company that draws on the best of both east and west fashion concepts to bring fashion to every place.   REMOUR is about making fashion accessible to everyone who loves life, family and themselves.